Jake Beauprez

Jake Beauprez

Who am I?

My name is Jake Beauprez, and I’m an artist based in Boulder, Colorado. 

I have a vision of a better tomorrow, and I’m not alone. I want to share this vision with the world through my craft. I want to show people a light at the end of the tunnel. 

I am a part of a larger shift happening right now in the collective conscious, moving us towards a better world. I’m an idealist, in that I believe that we as a collective have the power to fix to all of the problems that the world is facing right now. Every person has the power to make change, as our individual actions can create ripples that reverberate far past our own selves.

Channeling the skills I’ve acquired over the years in songwriting, singing, instrumentation, music/video production, and audio engineering, I share little pieces of my soul with the world. 

Thanks for listening.



This is my solo music project.

It resists being defined by a genre, dipping into rock, folk, and psychedelic influences. 



Various sound projects including scores, instrumentals, electronic/EDM, experimental, beats, and soundscapes.

See me Live

I play shows with a live band under the name Beauprêx.

I am opening for FRENSHIP at the Fox Theatre on 2/22/24, click the link below to purchase your tickets!