This is my solo music project. It resists being defined by a genre, dipping into rock, folk, and psychedelic influences.

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The Story Behind "Moonwalking"

Addiction: To drugs, to patterns, to people.

I wrote the first part of this when I felt my soul dragging me away from my vices, kicking and screaming. I wrote the chorus and the rest of the song a month or two later when I was slipping back into my old patterns of addiction.

It is a source of beauty in the darkness, of release, and of comfort and camaraderie for people going through a similar struggle.

The genre is Space Folk, influences being Bon Iver, Willie Nelson, and Steinza. 

I hope this song can be comforting and empowering to people who feel trapped. It is a reminder that life is cyclical and has its ups and downs, but that there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel.

The Story Behind "Blindsighted"

Liberation: from old ways of seeing, thinking, being.

I wrote this in the midst of my own journey of self-discovery, clarity, and inner-knowing (a journey I continue to be on, and will be until this incarnation dies). 

It is a source of truth, clarity, and revolution within the mind and soul.   

The genre is Indie Rock, influences being Peach Pit, Dominic Fike, and Cage the Elephant.

I hope this song can encourage you cut out all the noise swirling around in the world today, and focus in on what truly matters; finding that point of clarity, that North Star.

The Story Behind "roots."

Connection: To others, the environment, and your higher self. 

I wrote this when I felt very ungrounded, and far away from my loved ones and my own path.

It is a source of catharsis, soothing energy, and warmth for those going through something similar.

The genre is Psychedelic RnB, influences being Pink Floyd, Frank Ocean, and Daniel Caesar.

I hope this song can provide some grounding and comfort in difficult times.

The Story Behind "Pity Party"

Motivation: to commit to your vision, show up, and get over yourself.

I wrote this when I was feeling beat down by life and needed a little motivation myself. 

It is a source of fresh energy, renewed vitality, and a gentle kick in the ass to re-route you back on your path. 

The genre is Indie Pop, influences being Arctic Monkeys, Sir Sly, Feng Suave, and Foster the People.

I hope this song can get you out of bed in the morning with the mindset that you can and will accomplish anything you set your mind to.